2003: Columbus Ohio

Chaired by: Don and Mary Lou Cambrt
Attendance: 64 total/32 shipmates


15th reunion and continuing.  We had a rousing Hospitality Room, hosted by Ken and Vera Wilson, at the Adam’s Mark with plenty of shipmate’s pictures.  Day one was a tour of the Longaberger Basket Factory, lunch, and a rousing welcome (very humbling) at the Longaberger Office Building by employees.  Next was a visit to the US Air Force Museum where you could follow the history of flight from the Wright Brothers to the age of the space shuttle, followed by a great lunch at the Officer’s Club.  A Memorial service was held on the Santa Maria replica, on the Scioto River in Columbus.  At the general meeting a new 2nd VP was elected, Ron Ritchie will have the helm in 2006.

We enjoyed a fine Banquet with keyboard music provided by Vince Tavolario (Mary Lou’s brother) along with his colleague on base.  The Gavel was passed to the new President, Dwight Irish, we all got underway until we meet in Albuquerque, NM for 2004.