2005: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
Cherry Hill, NJ
Sept 6-12

Chaired by: Charles and JoAnn Berzansky
Attendance: 98 total/49 shipmates

17th reunion and continuing. We had a nice Hospitality Room on the first floor. Hosted by Bob and Dottie Heck. Day one was registration followed the next day with a trip to the Lily Langtry Victorian Restaurant and Showplace and a relaxing lunch. Who could forget the three Amigos? The next day was a trip to the Historic District in downtown Philadelphia. We had stops at places like the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin’s burial place, etc. The next day was a trip to the USS NEW JERSEY, the most decorated battleship in naval history. Following the tour we held our Memorial service on the bow. This was followed with a lunch at Bertucci’s in Cherry Hill. On Sept. 11 we had the Board and General Meetings followed by lunch in the Hospitality Room. Robert Englehardt was elected 2nd VP. He will take the Helm in 2008.  We enjoyed a great Banquet in the Hotel Ballroom. Our special entertainment was a group of Philadelphia Mummers, provided by James Wilson’s daughter, Susie. Susie also provided each attendee a small candle with ship’s flags spelling HUNT. The Gavel was passed to the new President, Ron Ritchie, we all got underway until we meet in 2006 in the Chicago area.

Russ Linsley

Secretary USS HUNT Reunion Association