2009: Branson Missouri

September 23, 2009

Dear hunt Crew and Family,

The U.S.S. Hunt dropped anchor at Branson, Missouri. Capt. Don Cambert and First Mate Mary Lou were on deck to greet all and set the wheels in motion for five days of fun and frivolity. And did we all enjoy!! The days were packed full of activity and the shows too numerous to pick from.

Can you imagine getting up and the crack of dawn to see the Yakov Smirnoff show? YEP! We had a bus load and everyone agreed, “IT WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER.”

The Hospitality room was always a hub bub of activity and CRAZY BUNCO (the highlight of the hospitality room) continued as usual. And there was always time for conversation plus. Each year friendships are renewed and we look forward to hearing the stories of years gone by. Each sailor has his own version of the event, just a different take on the old fish tales. And the greatest pleasure is in meeting the children of our men. They add life to the reunion. We look forward to their return each year.

The Memorial Service was very moving with the bells tolling for our beloved crew members who died in 2009.  BILL COPE, WALTER BROOKS, KEITH ARCHIBALD, FRANK CALABRO, all were a vital part of our Hunt Family. The Legion Post in Branson formed the Color Guard, Charlie and Kitty’s son Jay filled in as Chaplin (He will be a pastor in the future and has the charisma for the job). Taps brought tears to the eyes. Family members in attendance were presented with a red rose in remembrance.

It was great seeing Harry Hackbardt with his daughter and son-in-law. Rose, his bride of many years, passed away earlier in the year. Rose always had a smile for everyone. Roy Edstrom, who was very devoted to the Hunt Family and Karolyn joined us this year, and shortly thereafter, Roy was hospitalized with esophageal cancer–sorry to say he did not survive. We have many fond memories of all. 50 years ago Jim Fetterhoff tied the knot with his beautiful bride Shirley. Congratulations for another 50 to come. Jim and Shirley are a constant at the reunions. What other claims to fame does anyone have? Don’t keep it a secret. We certainly would like to know.

We have big plans in the works for the year 2010. We’re heading southeast to Jacksonville, Fla. Charles and Joanne Berzansky and Larry Middour will be our hosts and hostess for the reunion. The Berzansky’s hosted our Philadelphia and New Jersey reunion several years back. And we’re glad the are back at the helm.

SO!! HOW ABOUT IT? WILL YOU JOIN US? Sept. 22nd to the 27th at the Omni Hotel in Jacksonville. Don’t miss out on the fun.

Your U.S.S. Hunt Family