2012: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

April, 2013


What a Crazy winter. The weather has been blustery, wrecking havoc in many areas, but the U.S.S. Hunt keeps sailing along.

2012 had us berthing in Lancaster, Pa. Our Capt. Susie Wilson and First Mate Gina Brill handled all with great expertise. We were taken back in time to the steam engine, and a magnificent engine it was. We left the Strausburg Station and toured the Amish countryside. Do you recall the beautiful dining cars on the trains (maybe from the movies)? Well, we rode the dining car and had our real “HOBO” lunch served in the bandanna minus the stick. The bandannas were ours to keep. The Amish are a wonderful sect, preserving our America of the 18th and 19th centuries. What fortitude these people had. We went to school Amish style. Our teacher had a great personality. Of course, very few of us could fit into the desks. Wonder why?  We all received a great grade for the class, “No Dummies in our group.”

Our Memorial Service was held in the Valley Forge Chapel complete with Color Guard. Our own Chaplain Jay Weesner co-conducted the service with Rev. Frank Crumbaugh III (dear ftiend of our deceased shipmate Lt. Commander James Wilson). Jay’s homily was very inspiring, “The U.S.S. Hunt Family”. And we truly have become family.

Our hospitality room was bursting with energy. Old sea tales retold over again, women with their Crazy Bunco (some of the crew joined in the games) and their forever bonding with their trials, sorrows and happiness over the past years.

Our next port of call will be Florence, Ky. If you have never attended a reunion, come see what you are missing. This will be our SILVER ANNIVERSARY. 25 years of camaraderie and sharing have held us together. “WE ARE FAMILY” Looking forward to seeing y’all in Florence, Ky.

Calm seas and safe shores to all!!!!